create amazon account

Set up Amazon Pro Merchant Account in Seller Central 

  • 30-minute call welcome call to go over required information
  • Help gather information required by Amazon to set up account
  • Research if products are in a gated category, restricted brand or restricted product
  • Analyze client documentation to be sure it meets Amazon guidelines
  • Call with screen share with client to create Pro Merchant Account

Optional Add On:

Ongoing support 
Seller Central reporting: 1 hour per month; client option: 2 30 minute calls, or 1 60 minute call

Includes training/advice and Q&A regarding SellerCentral and reports (does not include advertising, listing optimization)
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amazon listing creation

Listing Creation 

  • Research proper category
  • Gather information for listing
  • Create ASINs (we do not have ASINs or UPC codes. If you need them, we recommend purchasing here )
  • Create template for listing upload
  • If there are parent/child products, bundles, sizes or variations, create ASINs and add to template
  • Upload for client or give to client to upload

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amazon listing optimization

Listing Optimization – based on number of ASINs

  • 30-minute welcome call to understand your business
  • Market & competitor research
  • Keyword research, Amazon SEO
  • Product title  
  • 5 bullet points
  • Product Description with html
  • Backend search terms
  • Bonus Keyword bundle
  • 1 rewrite
  • Photography review (we do not offer photography services, but will analyze and make recommendations on your photos/videos)

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amazon brand registry

Brand Registry  (requires trademark) 

  • Gather required information for registration
  • Analyze images, product, packaging and logo to ensure meets Amazon requirements
  • Gather needed UPC/EAN/GTINs
  • Check website/social media. Analyze which platform is best to use with application
  • Help client walk through registration process

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We do not help with trademark application, just steps for Brand Registry

Amazon storefront creation

Amazon Store Creation (requires Brand Registry)

  • Decide on best template for store layout
  • Get Amazon web address
  • Build out store pages (ex. Best selling products, deals, discounts, )
  • Create content tiles for each page
  • Create videos
  • Decide which products to add to store
  • Upload
  • Analysis of Amazon Store Insights (source, views, visitors, sales, etc)

Optional Add On:
Ongoing support

Ongoing analysis of traffic, keywords, search metrics (this is only available from within Amazon and can be used to better target ads)

  • 1 hour consulting call per month; client’s preference – 1 one hour call, 2 30 minute calls. 

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Amazon A+ Enhanced Brand content

A+ content (Requires Brand Registry) 

  • Analyze and discuss which products will benefit from A+ content
  • Create text, html, descriptions
  • Recommend image optimization and change
  • Create tips about product(s)
  • Create story about product
  • Work to create best layout

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consulting questions

Hourly Consulting

TC Max Marketing also offers consulting on an hourly basis. If you want research into an issue your Amazon account is having or have a question (suspension, ungating, how to get started with Brand Registry), we can help with that as well. Prices range from $75-$150 per hour.