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Trish Carey

Driving Notable Business Growth through the Design & Execution of Game-Changing Integrated Marketing Campaigns

-A strategic, adaptable and engaging marketing director with year-over-year success in building brands and influencing revenue growth on behalf of both large and small (B2B and B2C) organizations.
-A creative, “make it happen” business partner with broad knowledge of digital / social / mobile marketing. Astute at harnessing the power of digital marketing to build community, disseminate messages and drive business results.
-A calm-under-fire project manager with exceptional organization skills. Highly skilled in directing complex campaigns, working in fast-paced settings, and meeting stringent timing and budgetary requirements.
-A natural bridge builder and influential communicator who excels in cross-functional team environments. Able to bring together individuals and groups with varying priorities, ensuring that all parties work collaboratively to achieve unprecedented results

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Beagle. Company mascot and partner.